Welcome to the web site for DRGGroupers. We sell a range of products and services, all of which are related to assigning Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) to inpatient stays. (A decent summary of DRG development is also found here.)

 NOTE: we support MS-DRGs, the DRG algorithm released by the US Federal government's Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS). We do not currently support APR-DRGs, refined DRGs or any other variant of the MS-DRGs.

We provide a service to assign DRGs to your data sets if you don't want to run or install software and just want DRGs assigned to your inpatient encounter records.

We sell an application to assign DRGs called DRGFilt. DRGFilt is available in both Windows and Linux versions.

We sell software tools to allow you to add DRG assignments to your app or system.

We still sell and support ICD9-based grouping products or services. We have yet to integrate our ICD9-based offerings into our new on-line presence. Contact us directly if you are interested in an ICD9-based product or service.